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Arizzi Business Consulting pin-pointed several areas for improvement. One area that Arizzi Business Consulting addressed was the issue of portion control. Through an in-depth analysis of the dish preparation, our business analyst was able to provide a detailed report about the food costs and waste. The report facilitated the pricing strategy.


A common problem in the restaurant industry is the control of the overall costs of the restaurant operations. Some of the existing uncontrolled costs we found in this case were: employees staying overtime; over pouring drinks; food and beverage overstocks.

Among the other recommendations that were implemented at this restaurant as part of the Arizzi Business Consulting Job Programs were:

  • Establish controls over the food purchasing and receiving process.  
  • Establish specific food preparation and portion guidelines.
  • Adjust menu prices.
  • Develop and install a cash-flow forecasting system.
  • Develop weekly operational reports. 
  • Management Training 
  • Food and Beverage Inventory Control System 
After the execution of the job program, the restaurant owner gained a deep knowledge and business skills necessary to open a second location.


The results and a yearly saving were $90,000.


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When choosing a body shop, people consider factors such as quality of the workmanship, turn-around time and convenience.

Management wanted the business to grow, but did not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to take the operation to the next level. Enhanced management skills were needed for the company to perform the way that the owners envisioned.

Several procedures and a variety of policies were instituted to help the owners obtain a true picture of the performance of their business.

Some of the actions of Arizzi Business Consulting included:
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Organizing Financial Records
  • Analysis of the Fixe Costs
  • Profit Margin Analysis 

After the execution of the program, the auto body shop was able to save $100,000 per year.

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Most retail stores across the United States handle a full-range of clothes. These are designed to appeal to different customers. Full-line stores typically carry a selection of many different clothes.

The clothing store originally requested the assistance of Arizzi Business Consulting to help improving its personnel performance and to review the labor costs.

In addition to the retailer's initial interest in improving and restructuring personnel, the consulting work grew to include programs that are helping the retailer to control expenses and be more efficient.

Some of the solutions that Arizzi Business Consulting implemented to improve the overall business performance were:  

  • Labor Analysis 
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Manual
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Analysis
  • Sales Training
  • Financial Analysis
  • Weekly Operational Reports

In less than a month, Arizzi Business Consulting was able to complete the implementation of the program.
he following year the clothing store saved over $75,000.



Arizzi Business Consulting helped the company bring the operations of their growing company under control by giving the owner a firm grasp on the type of business information that helps him make smart business decisions.

The owner asked Arizzi Business Consulting for assistance in becoming more profitable because he felt the business was running them, rather than them running the business.Our business analyst designed a financial plan that included a variety of helpful reports, such as break even and variance reports, to give the president and his managers accurate and timely information.

The procedures for estimating and job costing were also reviewed and suggestions are now improving those activities. Wasted and excess shop time was an issue identified and corrective action taken.With the business operations better organized, they now have more time for family, friends and the good life their work provides.

This Project provided Savings of over $100,000 in one year.

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